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Links are listed for the convenience of our members. SDCTM does not necessarily endorse/support any of the websites listed.

  • SDCTM Members' Favorite Websites

  • Recommend your favorite website!

  • NCTM Illuminations dynamic paper generator
    Dynamic Paper tool. Place the images you want, then export it as a PDF activity sheet for your students or as a JPEG image for use in other applications or on the web.

  • Online Learning Math Resources for Kids has fun math games for various grade levels.

  • Good Calculators provides a variety of online calculators, math and physics, engineering and conversion calculators.

  • Forms Birds has more than 2700 math worksheets free to download and use.

  • Flash Mind Reader great problem solving link! Show students the website and then walk away.

  • Math and the Movies has clips of movies listed, the back ground story, a description of the clip, a description of a math lesson and then math worksheets that can be used in the classroom.  Some are quite old movies, others are more recent.

  • A free math practice test and assessment website with many tens of thousands of professionally created math problems in a variety of formats including comprehensive diagnostics, short concept-oriented practice tests, and concept-oriented flashcards. All of the content is free and you can track your progress over time and manage study groups. A small sample of the math-related content is listed below.

  • Math and Money Games for Kids a one-stop shop for a multitude of fun and interactive games that will teach them as they play. The resource guide covers a bunch of areas including basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division), fractions & decimals, counting coins, and understanding the value of money.

  • is an automated online math tutor and teacher's aid for parents, teachers, and students where you enter your problem or search term, push a button, and every single line of math work appears on your screen.

  • Free internet graph paper generator: editor's favorite!
    You can choose dimensions other than the standard 8.5x11inch to define the size of the graph (3 in x 3 in) as well as how many lines per inch (or cm).  It builds the graph and then displays it as a pdf file.  You can then save or take a snapshot of it and paste into your worksheet/test/quiz.

  • Inside Mathematics Tools for Educators Tasks and Assessments Aligned with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
    Explore materials and tasks you can use immediately with your students; search by grade level and content area below to find core mathematical principles as well as materials developed by the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS).

  • Information Age Education (IAE) is an Oregon non-profit organization working to improve education at all levels and throughout the world. IAE was established by David Moursund in 2007. Moursund is the founder of the International Society for Technology in Education, major professor or co-major professor of 82 doctoral students, author of many books and articles, and presenter at a great many conferences. Many of the IAE materials focus on math education, computers in math education, and brain science as it relates to math education. This IAE-pedia document lists of some of the IAE math-related materials that are available for free download from the Web. These are written for preservice teachers, inservice teachers, and teachers of teachers. Some are also of possible interest to parents of students who are currently in school.

  • Financial literacy, mortgage math, currency, car loans and more.

  • Math tricks, fun facts, calculators, math history, games and more

  • Math Worksheets and problem sets for money and much more

  • Free downloadable math e-books by Bob Albrecht and George Firedrake Word document or pdf

  • There's an APP for that! The free ABTC Calculator is designed to help students learn math by showing all the steps needed to solve problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, long division, and problems with multiple operation. Depending on the difficulty level of the problem, it can be set to one of two modes: basic or scientific. In addition to this, it has a geometry section where the user can quickly solve problems and refer to the formulas.

  • Fraction Fun for Students is an entertaining fraction resource for students. There are free games, tutorials, and worksheets as well as homework helpers and lesson plans.
  • Math interactives from Scholastic is an awesome collection  Subjects range from Place Value to Number Lines and Estimating Whole Numbers.  They'll work well on your interactive whiteboards and there is also a Science section if you click along the top menu!
  • Toys from Trash Arvind Gupta's step-by-step photographic instructions for building elegantly simple, do-it-yourself constructions include the "Math Magic" manipulatives
    • Paper Protractor
    • No-Glue Cube
    • Prismatic Patterns
    • Square Box
    • Circle to Ellipse

    Some of these homemade constructions come with "one minute films" in English, Hindi, Malaysian, Marathi, Bangla, Tamil, Kannada, and other languages. Others feature PDFs to download more detailed instructional prompts. More "toys" repurposed out of everyday items playfully illustrate principles of astronomy, electricity, magnetism, pressure, light, acoustics, and more.

  • At Mathalicious, we believe that math isn't something to learn, but a tool to learn about other things.  Our mission is to help transform the way math is taught by providing you with the best, most meaningful and most relevant math content available.  Our lessons are aligned to traditional state standards but, unlike most content, emphasize conceptual understanding through engaging real-world applications.

  • Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire?! A fun general math knowledge game. Use your lifelines! Try to win a million bucks! Source code is available here to customize and/or create your own game.

  • Math is fun includes puzzles, games, worksheets, searchable by subject area. Math is fun!  Math is fun illustrated mathematics dictionary

  • Math open reference (geometry) page is searchable by topic

  • Use Senteo “clickers” with these SmartExchange presentations. Searchable by math topic

  • Other SmartBoard sources:  

  • University of Sioux Falls Education Web site

  • The motherlode for math information online!

  • On real teachers explain math concepts from pre-algebra to pre-calculus searchable

  •    - search math and you will get a variety of videos – I like the Abbott and Costello math explanations

  •  -- search math and you will find lessons, videos done by students, etc

  •   -- WOW this site is full of good math education information, sorted by grade level

  •   features addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems at four different skill levels.

  • Mortgage Calculator also includes many other calculators (BMI, carbon footprint, timezones, etc.)
    Hat tip to Kelly Grave's class for the suggestion.

  • At Mathalicious, they believe that math isn't something to learn, but a tool to learn about other things. Lessons are aligned to traditional state standards but, unlike most content, emphasize conceptual understanding through engaging real-world applications.

  • A new free teacher resource site called "TeacherZone" has thousands of math video lessons for k12 -Most videos are 3-5 minutes long, and can be used in class, as homework help, and shared with parents and students.

  • Visualizing extremely large numbers is hard. Here is a video demonstrating President Obama's budget cuts as a proportion of the federal budget.

  • Did you know that Michael Jordan was a math major? This and other career information is available at the When will I use math? site sponsored by BYU and MAA.

  • Large collection of Mathematics Blackline Masters. They're all available in pdf or MS Word format. Just download and print what you need.

  • A list of picture books categorized by math subject area: It was created by Dr. Jeanne White who presented early numeracy topics at the NCTM conference and who gave permission to share. Though her focus was grades k-2, there are many books on here suitable for up to grades 7 and 8.(Word doc) 

  • Wolfram|Alpha is the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all
    systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone.  Enter your question or calculation, and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data to compute the answer

  • Math and science clipart database: searchable, extensive, free!

  • has ideas and interactive activities for algebra and geometry. Noteworthy: algebra balance and conic sections drawing

  • Math Central is an Internet service for mathematics students and teachers. The site is maintained by faculty and students in Mathematics and Statistics and Mathematics Education at the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • Mr. Duey raps the fractions--extremely cool TeacherTube video

  • South Dakota's own Dick Termes and his termespheres

  • Count Calcula explains order of operations on TeacherTube

  • Calculicious It's delicious on YouTube!

  • Mathmaticious- Rated for all students! Fantastic! YouTube

  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is housed at Utah State University.  This project was funded by NSF to create Java applets to be used by K-12 mathematics educators.

  • Key Curriculum Press offers software such as Geometer’s Sketchpad, Fathom, TinkerPlots for use in the mathematics classroom.  They also sell books that contain activities using the software.  Activities similar to those in the book can sometimes be found online by doing a google search.

  • NCTM Illuminations  offers hundreds of lesson that you can access even if you are not a member of NCTM.  Of course, if you are a member, you can access more at the Lessons and Resources page of

  • Numb3rs TI and NCTM have worked together to create this website that has lesson plans related to various episodes of the popular TV show.

  • Geogebra is free software that can be used for geometry, algebra, and calculus.  In addition, if you visit the GeoGebraWiki page, there is a free pool of teaching materials for this software.

  • Winplot is a free general purpose graphing software

  • Serpinski carpet cookies by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

  • I Will Derive! A calculus music-video based on Gloria Gaynor's 80's hit! Hysterical!

  • Lawrenceville Math Resources provides applets with many interactive graphs. Samples include sinusoids, unit circle, transformations, normal curve, and tangent/secant lines. Also calculus and 2-D 3-D graphs. Fantastic!

  • Collection of Math, Science, Engineering, Reference, and Related Humor Links (courtesy of Abe Mantell, Nassau Community College, NY, USA)

  • At last! A search engine with an attitude! Turn over your search to Ms. Dewey at

  •  Weekly e-mail activities from Texas Instruments: These free weekly activities incorporate the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus families of graphing calculators. Sign up at

  • Rebecca Newburn's Resources for Teachers includes strategies, videos and resources for grades 7+. The Information Age Education Blog includes essays and comments about best practices, cooperative learning, and many other topics of interest to teachers.

  • Nets for common 3-D shapes including cube, cuboid, cone, regular pyramid, octahedron, rhomboid, tetrahedron, pentagonal prism and pyramid

  • NUMB3RS: Texas Instruments and CBS Continue Award-Winning "We All Use Math Every Day" Education Program

  • ICTM has a great graphing page. Download and save your own graph paper: rectangular, polar, trig and much more!

  • Hands-on math activities A wide range of topics are dealt with such as angles, symmetry, scale drawing, balance algebra, tables, combinations, statistics, probability, reasoning, finding rules and formulas, problem solving, etc.

  • Coin Stacking :This isn't the one that shows how big a stack of a million (etc.) pennies would be. Created by a civil engineering student who use pennies to create interesting stacks to form bridges, towers, and more. Glue? No way! That'd be cheating! Extraordinary!

  • Numbers from 1 to 31 : A page for each day of the month with interesting facts and trivia about the number. Elementary-High School

  • History of Mathematics Archive includes famous mathematicians born on this date, and a math quote of the day. (University of St. Andrews Scotland)

  • includes songs, animations, and many interesting mathematical distractions. Don't miss this guy's version of the quadratic equation song!

  • TI-84+ Calculator tutorials by Atomic Learning (Quicktime movie) provide keystroke by keystroke instructions with narration and animation.

  • Figure This!  Mathematical challenges for families provides interesting math challenges that middle-school students can do at home with their families. (NCTM sponsored)

  • Geometry from the Land of the Incas provides an eclectic mix of sound, science, and Incan history in order to raise students’ interest in Geometry. Highlights: beautiful theorems animations  and mathematical quotes.

  • Larry Green's Homepage of virtual manipulates and interactive java applets

  • USU National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics

  • MAA Mathematics Digital Library provides digital classroom resources for teachers and students

  • Devlin's Angle Archives --Math essays
    (Mathematics Association of America)

  • Become an Educator Astronaut

  • Mathematics Communities

  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) website searchable or browse by topic

State and Federal Resources for Educators

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